.: welcome to strawns.com

we will use this site to keep the strawn family (and related families) updated on what is going on in our lives.

please take a moment to look at family photos. they are divided into categories, like birthdays, Christmas, etc. if anyone in the family would like a full size version of any photo, jot down which category it is in and the file name, and email me the info. i will send you back a full size photo.


.: other websites

feel free to visit the other websites i maintain (links on the left of this page), cpap riders is for my motorcycle riding buddies, and the poly 69 is the website for my graduating class. since they don't link back to this site, they will open in a new window.

.: news updates

photos are now up from our california road trip in may, 2016. click here (or click on the photo gallery button on the left) and select [vacations] then [cali road trip] for photos.

.: thank you!

thank you for visiting the strawns.com family website. please let me know if you have any suggestions for making this site more useful to the strawn family.

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